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Getting started with torrents

BitTorrent is easy and effective way to share your files with others. All you need is to create small *.torrent file that contains the information such as the file title, overall size, the amount of pieces the file has been broken down into and theirs sizes etc.

Next place it on the torrent tracker - specific server which assist a communication between your computer and those who want to download your shared files.

Its especially useful for transfer large amount of data because you don’t need to upload all data to the host - just let downloading files from your computer in the network.

1. Install BitTorrent client.

You can download them for free. Here are some of them:

2. Find a file You Want to Download

Look through search result list and find the file with appropriate size, type, an amount of seeds and leeches.

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3. Save and open *.torrent file

Internet browser can offer you to open *.torrent file automatically with BitTorrent client.

Otherwise you can save *.torrent file and then open it manually from folder where it was saved
by BitTorrent Client - mTorrent, for example:

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4. Download!

You can choose files to download. Click OK to start downloading.

Downloading process has started.
You can see the progress bar with download properties:

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5. Seeding Torrent

Remember to seed a torrent keeping uTorrent running. Always try to upload at least as much as you download.
That's the way to keep the bittorrent network alive.

At the picture you see the "Ratio": having a share rating above 1.0 means you have uploaded more than you have downloaded, which is good.

For more information read FAQs.

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